Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Chapter 6: I do not hook up. heeee

i feel free. yay.

its juz a relief. home is the best sanctuary. Penang is juz 3 more weeks to go. Penang is such a big mistake. it's a gap-builder for me. Gap for everythin important. it's like a gorge nowadays. getting bigger by a pyroclastic flow. burnin up my vessels. it hurts. but it heals at the same time.

waking up everyday and continue living is such an adventure. cant expect anythin to come and bring hesitation to my life. things appear and vanish. it's the rule. nuthin can last long. nobody's good enough for anybody. i aint running. i'm just hiding.

there must be flaws. everywhere. can't give excuses anymore. nobody's gona buy it for sure. scratching each other juz dont make things up. better sit back, relax and juz be silent. as u feel like u're sleeping. pretend the uncomfortness of the happening "ahh its juz a nightmare". nightmare doesn't kill. keep sleeping til the sweet dreams can be found. easy. i can do it. so do u.

I don't wanna wake before. The dream is over. I'm gonna make it mine. Yeap. I'll own it. I keep my life on a heavy rotation. the resonance is soooooooo strong. Requesting that it's lifting you up. Up up and away. As all the angels they'll be singing. with their halo shining. like a ray of sun.

timing's everything for me. a gud timing is juz precious. And this moment there's plenty. I am balancing. life. Careful and steady. And reveling in energy that everyone's emitting. like a bremsstrahlung emission.

I do not hook up. I got slow. So if you want me. I don't come cheap. Priceless. Keep your hand in my hand. And your heart on your sleeve. I fall deep. Cuz the more that you try. The harder I'll fight. To say ... Goodnight. : )

life's beautiful. aite?

ni crite pasal ak. xde kene mengene ngan sesape. so sesape yg te-sentap, ak x heran. ak da ckp. xde kne mengene ngan sesape. nk sentap buatpe. cheers. :)

p/s: erin, smartass aren't always smart.

p/s lagi: kambeng. pity u. kurang kaseh sayang. ish3. duet banyak x gune jugak kan kan?

p/s lagi: ayong. saba2. let it come in a beautiful flow. slow n steady.

p/s lagik!!: kalo x suke, xyah la bace. x payah x payah. pegi website porno laen.

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ayong allen berkata...

peristiwa semalam pon dah tekejot monkey..

p.s:thanks for the nice pic..balik KL cepat..gonna miss u..

Ms Martha Moore berkata...

hehehe... like this entry! sangat laa menawek... kih kih kih....

Tanpa Nama berkata...

wooooooooow!!!!!! u wow me ! very nice thou!