Jumaat, 7 Mei 2010

penat la. penat sangat.

your lips are nettles, your tongue is wine
your laughter's liquid
, but your body's pine
you love all sailors, but hate the beach
you say "come touch me
", but you're always out of reach

your arms are lovely, yellow and rose
your back's a meadow
, covered in snow
your thighs are thistles and have half grapes
you breathe your sweet breath
, and have me wait

in the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour.

gua rase macam da lame sangat tak baking
so, perlu bake juge besok.
lepas gian.

orang sume sakan la pegi vacation. gua je stranded kat sini. ade sore ghaib cakap "tak mampu buat care tak mampu". okay. fine. gua tak kesah. bukan mase untok gua lagik.

yang gua tau, dinner isnin ni, gua nak let it all out. tak tahan.

p/s: tunggu punye tunggu punye tunggu macam orang bodoh. gua rase sume ni buang mase jela. bikin gua panas. hari-hari gua panas, lastly gua mate kene heat stroke. puas ati lu kan?

(fazreen, gua tak cakap lu. jgn sentap. gua sayang lu)


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