Rabu, 10 Disember 2008

Lets get Irradiated

"Meningiomas arise from arachnoidal cells, most of which are near the vicinity of the venous sinuses, and this is the site of greatest prevalence for meningioma formation. They are most frequently attached to the dura over the superior parasagittal surface of frontal and parietal lobes, along the sphenoid ridge, in the olfactory grooves, the sylvian region, superior cerebellum along the falx cerebri, carebellopalatine angles, and thespinal cord. The tumor is usually gray, well-circumscribed, and takes on the form of space it occupies. They are usually dome-shaped, with the base lying on the dura.

Histologically, the cells are relatively uniform, with a tendency to encircle one another, forming whorls and psammomma bodies (laminated calcific concretions).
They have a tendency to calcify and are highly vascularized."

hah. repekan tentang interest saye. meningioma da jadik pathology feveret, lepas tengok house (walopon kak anne x aja ape2 lagi pasal nervous system pathology). then, jumpe la sumthin yang menarek otak saye ke arah tu (i mean, my interest), which is RADIOSURGERY and RADIATION THERAPY.

tejumpe plak, pasal gamma knife. (Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!). haih.

ni la bende alah gamma knife tu. macam helmet magneto dlm x-men. kan? kan?

ni la function n how it works. paham2 jela. saye pon x pandai sangat. bende ni pun macam x developed lagi kat malaysia rasenye. jumpe articles pon kat West Virginia Uni Med Centre. Leksell tu name org yang cipta bende alah ni. bile la nak ganti name Azar lak. haih

bende ni plak, keseluruhan structure mesen. Ala2 CTscan/ closed-gantry MRI pon ade. tapi bende pakai sanagt tinggi dosenye. takot!

lepas da usha2 bende2 ni, rase macam nak tuka field pulak. sorry UiTM. maybe saye xkan kekal kat situ. there's gotta be more things untuk dikejar kat sane. (sane mane? ugh.. mane2 jela..). satu2nye chapter dlm physics yang diminati sangat2 membuatkan cenderung ke arah ni. (electricity, free fall, momentum bla bla bla sume x minat [especially mase form 5]).

still, i wana fly. far away. haha. jom la fly dgn saye.

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