Sabtu, 19 Jun 2010

twist of my chapter.

everytime u feel like, u can't go on. u feel so lost, that you're so alone.
all you see is night. and darkness all around.
u feel so helpless. u can't see which way to go.

everytime u commit one more mistake. u feel u can't repent and that its way to late.
u're so confused. wrong decisions u have made.
haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame.


don't despair. and never lose hope. Allah is always by your side.
turn to Allah. He's never far away. put ur trust in him. raise your hand and pray:

"guide my steps don't let me go astray. you're the only one that showed me the way."

some saye "life's not gona end! chill!"
for me, yes. apart of me is dead. to further my studies is worth more than everything in this world. its all i ever wanted.
tak perlu sangkal. kalau tak suka gua, tak perlu sindir juge.

thanks for the endless prayers, help, support and motivations from family members and friends. it's more than thousands of word, to show my humble gratitude to all of you. sayang lu orang! *pelok ketat2*

untok kengkawan yang dapat peluang, gunekan baek2. jangan da tegolek dog macam gua, baru nak leleh2 nanges. congratz uolls!

p/s: kalau gua pompuan, da konfem2 la gua chantek kan? gua ngorat tan sri ke, tun ke. yang kaye raye. kawen. no 2,3 or 4 x kesah. xde nombor pon tak takpe. asal boleh dudok goyang kaki. tak payah sambong degree. menyampahhh. *kata2 kufur hasutan syaitan, yang hilang lepas istighfar*


3 ulasan:

Nurhasyimah Hamzah berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
Nurhasyimah Hamzah berkata...

every successful person has a painful story, every painful story has successful ending. accept the pain and get ready for success because HE always knows

stalker berkata...

dont worry dear... he will open another door for u soon... rezeki ade di mana2 ...